It's almost 2018. your newsfeed is full of people JUST LIKE YOU who got engaged this holiday season. and there are very few things that make me smile from ear to ear the way L O V E does. so. how about this...lets start the new year (and this new chapter of your life) off right with a giveaway for an adventure engagement session, shall we? 

to enter, complete this form (and don't hold back! I wanna know it all!) and be sure to follow me over on instagram at @missruthanne. The winners will be announced on january 16th, 2018 via instagram, and must either reside within one hour driving time OR be willing to travel within one hour driving distance of truckee/tahoe. Winners will have 48 hours to claim their photoshoot by responding via email. ReadY? GO!

Who asked? *
Who asked?
Who said yes? *
Who said yes?
Just a general area description, but exact town is okay too.
What are your digits? *
What are your digits?
(don't worry, I won't call you at 2am. This is just for my records if you win!)
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How'd you meet? How long have you been together? Whatever you want to share, I want to hear! Tell me about your love story!
Do you want to elope? Would you rather have a giant wedding? What's your dream day?
What aspects of your relationship do you want to capture? What's your dreamed up shoot?