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Wedding Date
I promise I know it! This is just part of my quadruple checklist and for my records.
Who to call if I have questions, if there's a problem, etc. Feel free to list 2 people. This is to ensure that questions that may be stressful don't go through you.
Who are your people!? List the names and roles of people in your wedding party, if you have one. Also - what makes your group YOUR group?
Photographer Arrival Time
Photographer Arrival Time
Photographer Departure Time
Photographer Departure Time
Is your timeline ready to go?
If you have your timeline ready, feel free to paste it here, or link the document via google drive.
Will you both be getting ready at the venue? Two different locations? Please remember with packages that include one photographer, I can only be in one place at a time.
First look?
Such as divorced parents, family members who have passed and are being remembered, etc
I recommend no more than 10-15 groups, if you are planning on family photos.
Are you doing a fake sendoff/real sendoff?
Do you want to mail me a set of wedding invites/details to have for the day of?
Dress, florals, DJ, videographer, venue, etc. Feel free to just link their instagram handles.
This is where you can let me know if there are specific places, people outside of your wedding party/family that you'd like images of, details you want to be sure I won't miss (that may be out of the ordinary), family heirlooms, etc. I highly recommend sharing this list with your planner/coordinator as well, and if there are any physical items within this list, giving the box of these items to the planner/coordinator to ensure they get to me and you're not worrying!
These questions are to help me include details in the blogs I post or submit for publication on larger wedding blogs.
Can I submit your wedding to blogs for publication?