I'm an adventure obsessed lifestyle photographer based out of Truckee, California. If you have no idea where that is, just think North Lake Tahoe. 

I love to travel. I love the mountains. I love smiling faces. I love sunsets on Lake Tahoe. I love coffee. I love, love life.

I'm loud and I'm vibrant, subtle & passionate, involved and yet distanced. I am an image maker. 

I've always been a little bit all over the place, as my mom would tell you. As a child, I was lovingly nicknamed "hurricane Ruthanne" (still waiting for them to name one after me, if we're honest) and my sweet husband as now adopted that nickname for me as well. 

When I read business books, and about being focused in on your craft, I oftentimes feel like I don't belong in this industry. I love life. Life is so many different things, all at once. I love weddings, but couldn't possibly be the right photographer for all couples. I love families, but only some of them will I gel with. I love working with brands as an influencer, but only so many of them do I truly believe in. 

I am not specialized in anything but documentation, and I think that is a beautiful thing. 

I would love to talk to you more about your vision, passion, and what it is that you love and hope to share with others.