10 ways to spend the money you save from eloping

You’re eloping: right on!

The beauty of eloping is that by not inviting 150 people to have dinner with you, you’re saving a ton of money that you can now pour into a quality experience — but even after hiring the best photographer, videographer, getting some gorgeous flowers and connecting with a kickass officiant, you’re probably gonna have some money left over to play with.

Here are 10 ideas of what you can do with the money you save by eloping! (#7 is my fav!)

1. extend your honeymoon

This one kind of goes without saying, but if you’re saving money on your wedding, you might as well put that into your honeymoon! Travel isn’t the best thing for the environment (planes are gross, sadly) so you might as well get the most out of it while you’re there! Take an extra week or two off of work and explore the world!

2. upgrade your adventure gear

We’re always needing to upgrade something or other — so if you’re like us, take the opportunity to get a new climbing rope or pair of hiking boots.

3. join a climbing gym

Speaking of climbing…if you have a gym nearby, go pick up a membership. We LOVE climbing for date nights, steam burning sessions, or just plain old rainy day entertainment.

4. have a fancy date night at the best restaurant in town

If you’re like us, and live in a place with great food and touristy things, but never use them, this is your chance!!! Make a reservation, put one some nice clothes and go out on the town! If this isn’t your speed, maybe do a dinner tour though town…have one item at every restaurant, take your time, and put your phones away to enjoy each other.

5. take a last minute trip somewhere new

We are king and queen of looking at flight deals and deciding to be spontaneous about a new trip. Take the money you’re saving and go somewhere new for the weekend.

6. buy a nice pocket camera to document your awesome life together

If you’ve always wanted a nice camera and want another reason to keep your phone put away on adventures, buy a new pocket camera. Sony makes some great options that are user friendly and affordable.

7. adopt a new adventure buddy (of the puppy variety!)

Um, does this need an explanation? Puppies are great, and turn into adventure besties. We’re big fans of them.

8. upgrade your elopement album

Pay to upgrade your album from your photographer to the fullest — those memories deserve to live on forever, not just on instagram. Upgrade your album fully and re-live that day forever.

9. buy a ski pass for the upcoming season

If you live close to a ski area and enjoy that — BUY A PASS! You could even splurge and buy a multi-resort pass, like the Ikon pass.

10. donate to a different charity each month

This is a great opportunity to take the money you’ve saved and donate it to a charity you believe in. We love charity:water, and believe in their mission fully.

There you have it! 10 ways to use the money you’ve saved by eloping! Happy adventuring - catch you next time!