When Rachael and Chip first emailed me about working together, they were instantly some of my favorite people. Rachael is so infectious in her communication and they are so clearly made for each other. 

It was just weeks before they were headed to Zion National Park for a family vacation celebrating her parents wedding anniversary - and I moved a few things in my schedule to be sure I could make it. They came from Cincinnati and I, from Tahoe of course. Having never met them in person before wasn't an issue though, because we were fast friends. We giggled and joked and even had a few really awesome deep conversations. I wish they lived closer!! 

We settled on a morning session on a popular (but quiet) trail above the visitor center. We lucked out without too much heat, and the colors literally took my breath away. You guys: ZION IS UNREAL. I was so blown away. 

Here's where it gets funny, though: at the end of the first half of our session, I backed into a giant cactus and got 4-5 needles in my foot. I pulled them all out, but pretty instantly had shooting pain and a swollen achilles tendon. YEP. You read that right. One went directly into my achilles tendon. There goes my hopes of hiking around on my solo road tip through Utah and Arizona. I swear I'm not always a disaster.

Nevertheless, we trekked on, captured some of my favorite images EVER and ended our session in the narrows. It was so beautiful, people literally didn't know what to think of Rachael's dress (not everyone put it together that a professional photog with 2 cameras was following them around, lol) and we snagged a bite to eat at the lodge afterwards. 

Rachael + Chip are exactly why I love my job: they are clients that throughout this process have become friends. I am ecstatic for their wedding and literally cannot get enough of these photos - I go through them once every few days and honestly wish I could just post all of them to my Instagram. 

PS: here's the mean cactus I stepped into. I JUST removed the last piece from my heel, I think the one in my achilles is now part of me. Yikes.