Heather and Frank contacted me about a month and a half before their wedding date, August 11, 2018. I was so excited to hear from them for 2 reasons: Heather’s email was full of life and love, and I could tell she was just so excited to be marrying her man – and secondly, our wedding anniversary is August 11th, too!  FATE! Almost immediately, I felt so connected to them. Our first face time date left me feeling recharged, excited and totally energized.

They planned their wedding on the Oregon coast, with just family. Heather texted me throughout her scouting process just outside of Lincoln City, Oregon, and sent me the options she was considering. They were all stunning, but she and Frank settled on Fogarty Beach State Park. It’s a classic west coast scene: a little bit of fog, a little bit of sunshine, driftwood, sand, and the beautiful jagged coastline that is the pacific coast. It was perfect.

I hopped in my car early on August 9th, and set off on my weekend adventure to document this love story. Guys, I was SO EXCITED. My drive consisted of minimal stops, lots of podcasts, a waterfall, 87 bathroom breaks (I am really good at hydrating let me tell you) and finally, I landed myself in Lincoln City. I met up with them the next morning to check out our location, scout portrait spots, and pick the exact ceremony site on the beach. Within 30 seconds of meeting Heather in person, we were soul mates. (Sorry, Frank!) We had the best afternoon.

Finally, Saturday was here. It started with some intense rain – a downpour, I heard. I was staying a few towns away and didn’t get hit with rain – but Heather just laughed her way through it all, sipping her coffee and knowing that it would let up. And guess what? It did. Oregon is amazing.

I picked Heather up at her AirBnB and we headed to Fogarty for their first look. I slammed on my brakes in front of a hydrangea bush (which was in front of a hot tub store, ha!) and we snapped a few portraits of her beauty. She is so classic, and timeless, and has this infectious laughter that just gets to anyone. And the way that Frank loves on her? You can’t not be happy when you’re with them. They truly belong together, beyond the shadow of a doubt.

As we pulled up, we drove past the grove of trees that Frank was standing under, and she was beaming. Their first look was one of my favorites, to date. Just take a look at their faces, y’all. That is true, pure, love.

We spent the next 2 hours photographing the two of them on the cliffs, in the forest, with coastal views for days, and honestly I felt like I blinked, then it was over. I could have done it all day, and never batted an eye.

They entered their ceremony, hand in hand, shared a kiss before they parted ways to walk down the “aisle”. Every person there had a giant smile plastered on their face. Frank’s sister officiated, and his sons stood on either side of them with the rings. This wedding was proof that you can (and should) get married however resonates most with you. The family present and ocean-side ceremony was very clearly everything they wanted, and it showed.

Once their ceremony was over, we celebrated with a toast and collectively carried all of the tables + chairs back to the cars, and then headed to a well deserved dinner at The Side Door Café – which, by the way, is one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to. I highly recommend it.

As Heather and I hugged goodbye, I got a little teary and we exchanged an “I love you”, because this girl feels like family after just hours spent together. It’d probably be creepy if I framed a photo of them in my house, right?! I kid – but in all seriousness, I am so happy to have been part of this special day and wish both Heather and Frank the most wonderful life together, because I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.

And just like that, they lived happily ever after.