In Melissa’s initial email to me, she told me she wanted “glam” and “views” – and I knew almost instantly that she was my kinda girl.

Oftentimes, with adventure photography and adventure elopements, I think couples are intimidated by the actual adventuring part. Everyone defines it differently, and has different limits of what they can and can’t do, physically. If you’re reading this blog post and want an adventure session/elopement/wedding but don’t feel like you’re cut out for it, you’re wrong. Please, for the love of all things fun in this world - EMAIL ME! Lets talk about your dream and how we can accomplish it. That’s a perk to hiring a lifetime native: I know all the spots and can find one that suits you best for your Lake Tahoe engagement session.

Melissa and Aaron came from southern California for their niece’s graduation, and took an extra day to drive up to me from Roseville for their engagement photos in Tahoe. They didn’t have time to acclimate to the elevation, and they’re both in fantastic shape, but Melissa requested that we go somewhere with good views, but not a crazy long hike. Disclaimer: be sure to specify how long is “crazy long” because it means something different to everyone. Anyway, we hiked a total of 3 miles for their session, and it was everything we could have wanted.

Golden light, beautiful blue skies, and of course, my favorite lake in all her glory. The two of them changed clothes, and we got to work. I’m sure if you asked them, they’d tell you that I sounded like a crazy person with all my exclamations throughout their session. Lots of “OMG! THIS LIGHT!” and “YOU GUYS DON’T MOVE” to be heard.

Someday, I’ll have to have someone follow me around on a session to capture the sight. It’s a funny one, ha!

We ended up hiking down at dusk, and got to the car just as it really started to get dark. I really couldn’t believe how perfect the day was, and was so grateful to the both of them for trusting me and my vision without ever having been to the location I took them to.

Their intimate wedding is on New Years Day – and I’m so freakin’ ready for all that it’s going to be such a gorgeous day, hopefully snowy, and inevitably filled with lots of love! So pumped to be part of sharing their beautiful story!