The business of your dreams can be created by trusting your intuition, celebrating your gifts, and serving from the heart. 

Plot twist:

1:1 mentorship

elopement course

The best seasons of my business have been the ones where I lean into who I am and let go of who everyone wants me to be. I find my people and we vibe, I feel seen & appreciated and in response to that, I am able to serve beyond myself. When I started a photography business my goals were not lofty; I simply wanted to make my own schedule and have the ability to be creative. What happened, however, is that I fell in love with the art of service - but this only happened after I fell on my face a few times, and knew something had to change. I wasn't made for my business, my business was being made for me.

There are a lot of strategies out there in business - and most of them are necessary. However, when I stepped back and evaluated my long term goals, how I wanted to feel when I showed up to work and how I wanted my clients to feel after our time together, I found the disconnect. 

Heart centered service has the power to change your business; because it celebrates you and your heart and allows you to serve from your gifts, with authenticity, passion, and clarity. 

I believe that your business should reflect & celebrate your unique perspective on the world, your gifts, and lived experiences.

In turn, I believe when all of those things are in place, you’re granted the freedom to experience life to the fullest. 

If you've gotten on instagram reels at all in the last 12 months for a shameless scroll while drinking your coffee, you've probably been bombarded with information overload and left that scroll sesh feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, and like you just can't keep up. 

I get it. 

When I started my business, I didn't have unlimited access to resources that could "change my life" - Instagram was still for food pics and facebook groups weren't a thing yet. The amount of information available to you for free on the internet is insane; but how do you know what to choose? What to listen to? How to decipher what works for you

1:1 Coaching 

you're not supposed to do this alone...but you are also not supposed to do it with all of the internet's opinions floating in your head.

To be honest, I don't know any way to do that other than to turn down the volume of everything else and get quiet with yourself. For me - that required a coach to help me ~chill~ and see the forest through the trees. I invested $10k into a business coach during a year where I only pulled in $50k. It was terrifying. I was scared. But I knew I had to take the chance and bet on myself to find my place in the world of business. And guess what? It was the best thing I ever did. 

I still spend about $10k a year on business development and personal growth. Frankly, it's money I can't afford not to spend. I went from making $50k a year to consistently clearing over $150k with my dream clients in my dream location with enough time to enjoy the life I've always dreamed of having. I want that for you, too. 

3 Month 1:1 Experience Audit Mentorship

I spent 3 years building the business of my dreams; working so hard to fulfill the goal of being able to take a month off of work just for fun because I wanted to. 

Cut to 2022; I was set to do just that, and life looked good. And then tragedy struck — my dog died in one of the most tragic ways and in a matter of minutes everything I knew about myself and the world around me flipped. To be honest, I kind of had an existential crisis. 

Which leads me now, to you.

If I hadn’t spent those 3 years prepping my business for my dreamy month long adventure, I wouldn’t have been prepared for the roller coaster that is grief, which I experienced deeply for a year. 

My authentic approach to business, systems, communication standards and workflows saved me in a season where I often couldn’t get out of bed. 

Because of this experience, I now know the insurmountable value of a business that is ready for ALL seasons of life.

Ask yourself this: how much of your business requires your constant oversight? If you were stranded without internet or cell service for a week, what balls would drop without you there to manage them? 

I had no idea back then, that the tools I was implementing for a beautiful & adventurous season would also be so crucial for a season of loss & grief. 

Now I know, and you do too..

How we'll do it:

  • Heart centered service requires you to know your heart. We'll discover your core values, your service style, the things you love about the experience you offer.
  • We'll highlight your gifts & strengths, making them the center of your service experience so you can shine as your best self for your clients
  • We’ll tackle the things you don’t love, and decide if they’re necessary and required to serve, or if you just do it because you’re told to 
  • I'll teach you how to automate authentically Eeek!
  • We'll create an action plan for after our mentorship to keep you on track, so you can actually live the life you're creating. 

$3600 / $1200 monthly

  • 90 minute calls 2x a month so we can dive deep and make progress effectively
  • call recording - so you can go back anytime!
  • extended text/email/voice access for additional support
  • a 60 minute 3 month "checkup" call, so we can make sure what we work on, works for you, even after we hash it out

What we'll do:

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Who is this for?

I'm a photographer - but this mentorship isn't limited to other photographers. If you're the owner of any service based business, this mentorship was designed for you! Graphic designer? Virtual assistant? Own a photo booth company, or mobile bar for weddings & events?
 I'd love to work with you!
There are a lot of resources out there for elopement professionals, but none that really tap into the potential that awaits when you dive head first into heart-centered service. 
ELEVATED ELOPEMENTS is my course that will take you through the 3 pillars of my brand's service - relational, back-end biz, and creative - and how each of these has allowed me to serve beyond the surface and make multiple six figures doing it. 

The course is not currently open, however it will be soon! Join the waitlist below!!
  • 3 service modules; relational, back end biz, and creative
  • 50+ page workbook to print & use as you go through it
  • lifetime access to course & any future updates
  • Facebook group w/ unlimited access to me for questions

$1497 w/ payment plan available

The ultimate course on service for elopement photographers

If you're an elopement photographer wanting to level up your service on a less restrictive timeline - this course is for you!

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