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Before I got married, weddings were a mystery to me. I never dreamed of my day the way that the movies show them. No matter how hard I tried, it just wasn’t me. When I met my husband, my belief about weddings shifted as we began to consider how we would get married. The stress we felt just from thinking about throwing the wedding of everyone else’s dreams was crippling, and left us overwhelmed and unhappy. We were so stuck.

Eventually, we said enough is enough, and, spoiler alert: we threw tradition out the window and eloped on top of a mountain.

Now, I’ve made it my mission to make sure that every couple who feels like we did is empowered to do what they really want.

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Hey, I’m Ruthanne.

And the guy making me smile so big? That’s my husband, Demetri. We eloped on top of a mountain in 2017 overlooking our home of Lake Tahoe & Truckee — with our families supporting us, and encouraging us to choose what spoke to our hearts. Ultimately, that’s why I’m here, because the people we love empowered us, and I wanted to pass that along to you

The wedding of your dreams isn’t about anything but you and the life you are hoping to build together, and I believe that by creating powerful relationships and experiences driven by empowerment and intention, we can live a life that brings us an infinite amount of joy and authenticity. 

Hiring me does not just mean I show up, shoot your photos, send them off a few weeks later and never talk to you again. From start to finish, the process is dynamic and spirited, full of the essence of you, because I promise: I will take the time to get to know what makes you who you are, and empower you to always seek what makes you feel the most alive.

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Eloping, for most people — is new. There are unknowns about so many different things, and seeking the answers can prove to be challenging in a world focused on centerpieces and seating charts. This is the first elopement podcast, ever.

The Elopement Podcast is here to serve you and make you feel confident and empowered in your choice to ditch tradition.

I believe eloping is awesome and I want you to feel the same way at the end of it all, too. Subscribe below so you don’t miss a beat!


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Ditching tradition is hard.

Yes, I said it. I’m not gonna sugarcoat it - you could be the most excited to do things a bit different with an intimate wedding or elopement, but have this twinge of “is this the right move?” tugging at your heart.

I get it. I’m here to help you, and when I say I want to be your #1 fan, I mean it.

I want to empower you to follow your heart, chase this dream and have the best freaking day ever - by cheering you on throughout this whole process.

No one should make you question something that you want. I don’t just “know how it goes” because it’s my job - but because I did the same thing that you’re thinking about. Which is why there is an entire page dedicated to the questions you have. You can also always email me.

I am no stranger to the fears, worries and doubts. But I am here to tell you: it is worth it, and you will find total joy in the decision to spend your day doing whatever you want.

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elope for the planet

Did you know that the average traditional wedding produces 600 pounds of trash?!

Dude. That’s a lot of waste, a lot of debt, and a lot of stress. I specialize in smaller, more intimate weddings not only because I know first hand how good I felt on my elopement day, but also because I saw how much I could reduce my footprint just by opting to do what I wanted instead of what was expected.

I believe that by empowering you to elope, together, we can make an impact on a very real problem that will save this beautiful planet of ours from thousands (if not hundreds of thousands!) of pounds of unnecessary waste.

with every booking, a donation is made to Tahoe Fund and The Sierra Club



located in lake tahoe, california

Adventure is just a word. Working with me? That’s a feeling. From the moment you inquire, it’s my goal to make you comfortable. I know where to take you, how to plan your day, and will surround you with the kind of energy that makes you excited today, tomorrow, and every day after.

Marriage is the coolest thing I’ve ever been apart of, and I want my couples to feel as supported as I did in their journey and choice.

If you dream of eloping, this is it. This is your sign.


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