THEse are QUESTIONS almost every couple has asked at some point - ANSWERED



We're afraid of not having tradition if we elope.

I get it - I had the exact same fear. But the very thing that was my worst nightmare, became my favorite part of our day. We will work tirelessly to create tradition throughout your day. Traditions don't make the wedding - you make the traditions. Whether it involves hiking to the top of a mountain with cookies to use in place of a cake, or still walking down an isle to your soon-to-be spouse, the tradition is there, as long as we look. 

What if our clothes get dirty?

We can totally hike to your location and then change - but to be honest, I wouldn't get too worried about it! Depending on your exact outfits, we can talk about what protecting it looks like! 

We don’t really hike - but we want adventure. Is there a solution?

Absolutely!! Adventure is totally a relative term. What's adventurous for some is different for others. We'll talk super in depth about what this means to you, ideal locations, and how we'll find these locations when we chat on the phone. 

We're worried that our day won’t feel as special if we elope.

This is the biggest fear I see my couples facing, and I want to assure you: it will be special because it will be YOURS. People choose to forgo tradition for so many different reasons, but the biggest one is because of stress. I can promise you that on the day of your elopement or intimate wedding, you will not be stressed. You're going to be in the middle of an incredible scene, with the person you love most, promising to spend the rest of your life chasing adventure with them. I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty special. 

How do we tell so many people they can’t come to our intimate wedding?

I think this answer can vary from person to person, but you just have to own it. Be excited, and share that this is exactly how YOU want to get married. It's really important to sit down and write out the reasons why you're eloping or choosing to have an intimate wedding. Is it to avoid family conflict? Save time in the planning process? Avoid spending money on things that don't hold value to you? Whatever your reasons are, the people who love you should understand. 

Can we still wear traditional wedding gear?

HECK YEAH! I'll carry that dress train for ya. 

What if our family rejects the way we want to get married?

This could happen, sure - but at the end of the day, the people who love you truly want you to be happy. 

How do we pick a location if we’ve never seen it?

First of all, I think I have an arsenal of potential locations for elopements and intimate weddings in the Lake Tahoe region that is easily full of 300 photos. So, if you're planning on being local to me, I've got you! We can pick something that is entirely unique to you, and your story. If we're meeting in a different location - I can assure you that I will arrive early, scout locations, and find the best options for your desires. The best part about any space though, is that you are there. 

We know where we want to go, but need help getting there. Do you have any solutions?

Not many people know this, but: my husband is a mountain guide in training! He has his Wilderness First Responder certification, CPR cert (as do I) and knows more about the way of the outdoors than most avid adventurers. Whether your destination requires some rock climbing, mountaineering, backcountry skiing - between the two of us, we've got you covered. 

We're not very photogenic. Will this ruin our photos?

I think this is the most common question I'm asked when it comes to photography - of any kind - people do not think they're worthy of being photographed. I have news for you: you couldn't be further from the truth! In spite of not feeling like you should be the face of a magazine, I'm here to tell you are more photogenic than you think, and I have yet to meet a couple that doesn't radiate joy and love on their wedding day. In addition, before your wedding day, you'll receive a questionnaire to fill out that gives me a better idea of what you're comfortable with, the things you like about yourself in photos, and also a brief posing guide. I want you to not only look amazing, but feel amazing. 

Can we plan an adventure elopement even in winter?

HECK YEAH WE CAN! I'm all about those snowy days, and chilly mornings. Jack Frost makes the world pretty beautiful - I think more people should take advantage of it. 

We don't want to keep how we got married a secret, but we're afraid to share the details in case someone decides to crash it. 

Hiring me ensures that no one will be following you to witness your vows, unless previously requested. I don't share locations until after the fact, and in order to give you a 100% unique experience, we'll be somewhere that is exclusively yours for the day. No crowds, no distinct trails, just us. 

What does the "after" look like? So, we get married, but then what? Do we go to dinner? Do we just leave? How does this work? 

This can look different for every single couple! I suggest planning a nice dinner out (in your wedding clothes, rock those outfits!) and taking time to soak in the magnitude of what you just did. It's so dang exciting! A lot of couples invite me and any other vendors they have asked to be part of their day, to a small and casual dinner or cocktail hour with them. It really just depends, and I'd love to help you explore the options you have for your post-wedding celebration!

Do you know officiants who work with couples seeking adventurous wedding days?

I know a few! Check out my vendor referral page.

Is it silly to still get a bouquet and boutonnière? 

Absolutely not! Remember the first line, about tradition? You make the traditions - and if you want flowers, you should have the flowers. 

Will people think we're ridiculous for getting married the way we want to?

I hope not - but if they do, send em to me. I'll prove them wrong. 

What if the weather is bad? 

If I could figure out the weather and the science, I would. Instead, we'll have backup plans. I will always take the side of caution and safety in the event that there's a risk of dangerous conditions. 

We both want a different type of wedding, how do we decide? 

Highly recommend writing out a pros and cons list of the reasons you both want to get married the way that you do. See if you can't find a compromise - for many couples, it's an intimate wedding that allows 15-25 friends and family to attend. I'd be happy to talk to you about what this looks like for your specific situation! 




Where are you located? 

Lake Tahoe, California. I frequently fly out of RNO, SFO, and OAK to travel for elopements.

How far is too far?

Too far doesn't exist. If you want to get married on the moon, I'll figure out how to get there. But, in all seriousness - I believe in asking for what you want. So, just ask me. 

How long til we get our photos?

For elopements, 2-3 weeks, full weddings are 5-7. It will be specifically outlined in your contract what the turnaround time for your day is.