ruthanne z.

i'm a big fan of road trips, stargazing & fluffy dogs


Oh yeah, and my husband and a good cup of coffee and Switzerland. I really love Switzerland.


my life is built around spontaneity, adventure, good road trips and my dog, Scout. #crazydogmom

Marriage is literally the coolest thing I’ve ever been a part of, and the reason that I’m even on this journey currently, seeking to empower couples like you. The way we were empowered by the people who love us throughout the process of eloping was contagious. I was so filled with joy and passion for life that I couldn’t contain myself. I had to pass it on. I remember looking at Demetri saying “This is it. This is my thing.”

Marriage has taught me that not only are empathy, intention and empowerment important - but so is adventure and passion. My camera is a tool to guide my couples through an experience that elevates this in each of their lives, however that may be.

I’m not here for the likes on Instagram - I’m here because I believe that every couple deserves to feel like they’re on top of the world on their wedding day, no matter where in the world they are.


We eloped, too!

we eloped!

ruthanne z wedding

13 people, the morning alpenglow, & the love of my life.

When I think back to what other ways we could have celebrated our love, nothing else would have done our story justice. We are adventurers, through and through. Not just the people who “do it for the ‘gram” or want to visit every place BuzzFeed features. We are the kind of people who long for epic views of places we’ve never seen, enjoy getting lost down a dirt road looking for hot springs, and will probably never own a house because well, we just want to see the world. This is who we are, and our elopement day reflected that. Real talk? I had no idea what I was doing when we eloped. I just knew I didn’t want the extra everything that came with a traditional wedding.

Our story ultimately brought me here. To you.

Because I eloped, too, I’ve learned first hand that prioritizing the things that matter to us always pays off — and that doing anything in life for the approval of others will always let you down. Our elopement taught me so much, that I decided to take my existing photography business and switch gears. I stopped shooting everything that didn’t allow me the opportunity to empower couples to choose what set their souls on fire, and the passion that I thought had fizzled out long ago was brought back to life.

kind words from past clients


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