ruthanne z.

you shouldn’t be stressed out by choosing the less stressful option.


when we decided to elope, I was disappointed with a lack of resources for couples like us.

Why was it so difficult to find information & inspiration on something that was seemingly so simple? Why didn’t it feel as “special” as a traditional wedding?
Why was I stressed out by choosing the less stressful option?!


you should be enjoying this season together, not wasting time on google searches.

Welcome to The Elopement Podcast, the first wedding planning podcast created entirely for couples ditching tradition, and instead choosing what speaks to them most. Episodes aim to be educational, fun, and honest — while empowering and encouraging you to seek a wedding day that sets your soul on fire.

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“listening to this podcast has brought up a lot of good points and information that we hadn't previously considered. I'm super thankful someone took the time and effort to put this together because i feel it's really set us on the right path."


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