Bespoke Elopement Albums

Bringing back the magic of print

We are putting work into your elopement day. From the beginning of getting to know each other, to the execution of a truly spectacular day, the delivery of your images, and finally - the creation of your wedding album — your experience is one that should conclude with something as grand as the rest of it. I want your photos to live beyond the day, beyond your phone or hard drive. Because of this, I include album credits in every single one of my Elopement Collections. These credits ensure that at minimum, you will receive a printed heirloom album in the size of what was included in your base collection. If you decide to upgrade down the road, awesome. But, if you don’t, I’m going to still be able to send you the most beautiful representation of your elopement day. 

Printing your photos matters.

Look - I'm generally the kinda gal who prefers a good thrift find over any sort of name brand, but when it comes to preserving your memories I don't skimp out. Here's what makes these albums different...

What makes these albums different from something you could just buy online?

All albums include a base spread count of 10. A spread is when you can see both the left and right pages open at once. Albums can be upgraded to include more spreads, up to 40 in total. Additionally, these albums are hand-bound to facilitate a lay-flat binding which allows the book to have zero curvature to the spine, in turn making it possible to print photos across the crease with minimal impact.

When it comes to the design aspect; you have the final say on every piece. From the design (which I'll get to in a minute) to the cover title, material, placement, and debossing color. You can choose between a standard cover title or a custom one. 

Lay-flat spine

Custom Cover Debossing





After your elopement and along with your gallery delivery, you'll get a link to select images for your album and a form to choose the design details for it as well. This is where any upgrades can be made, or duplicates ordered.

I'll design your album based on the details you've given me and the images you've chosen. From here, I'll send you an initial draft to proof via an online album-specific proofing program. It's easy and straightforward!

After two rounds of proofing and a final approval of your design, I'll send it off to print. This can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks before the album arrives to me. From here, I do a once-over to make sure everything is good.

The final step is to get your beautiful album into your hands is to ship it off in custom packaging with insurance & tracking. The cherry on top of our time together and the most perfect way to carry your images into the next chapters of life.

The design Process

This is a 12x12 album with 10 spreads, designed to highlight the best parts of the day and tell a story using layers, textures, borders and both color and black & white photos. Each design is entirely unique, often with custom layouts and spreads to reflect the best design for your day. Check it out!

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